Thursday, April 19, 2012

Health Slips: How to eat healthy on a budget

How To Eat Organic Healthy on a Budget! | Whole Foods (by DearNaptural85)
I took some tips from this video on how to shop on a budget. Her video focuses on a couple but you can use her tips for a single person as well.
As far as my shopping tips:
  • Plan you meals for the week and Inventory your pantry and fridge. I use this meal planner sheet:
  • Make a shopping list and only buy what's on your list. Set a budget and stay within your budget.
  • Buy stuff on sale and use instore coupons. HEB has tons of them.
  • Avoid the middle lanes if you can.
  • Only buy what you need and not what you want.
  • Never go will buy more.
  • Avoid samples if you can because they tend rope you into buying stuff that is unhealthy or over priced. 
  • Buy some of your veggies frozen. They are just as good as fresh and if you don't use them that week they are there for the next. 
These are just some of my shopping tips...hopefully it helps you decrease your bill and some weight.

Happy Transitioning!!

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