Monday, April 30, 2012

Hair Slips: Summer Hair Routine

Summer time can be harsh on your hair especially for someone like me that go to pool parties a lot and run out in the heat of day. I've noticed that since it started getting hot in Houston my hair feels drier when I'm out in the sun and this weekend I plan to be in the sun a lot and playing in the river at my running groups camp out...So,what to do with my hair. Just from research online for summer hair care this is the regimen I have planned for this summer if I don't get braids:

Co-washing 2x per week or when I feel its needed (after a swim or sweaty workout)
Shampooing 1-2x per month or as needed. 
Continuing to wear my hair in protective styles
Wearing my hair in a high bun when swimming or at the beach to limit my ends exposure to the elements. 
Keeping my spray bottle with my water/aloe vera juice/veggie glycerin mix with me (I'm considering getting a travel size spray bottle to put an oil/water blend in for on the go)

What Products am I using right now:
  • Co-Washing: Tresemme Naturals Condition with Aloe Vera and Avocado
  • Shampoo: Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo
  • Leave-in conditioner: Giovanni Direct Leave-in
  • Homemade water spritz
  • Homemade creamy shea butter to seal

That's my planned summer regimen....What's yours?

Happy Transitioning!


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