Sunday, May 13, 2012

Health Slips: Whole30 Week 2

I'm starting week 2 of the whole30 diet tomorrow and I have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself. All last week I did really well staying strict to the diet plan and only eating what was allowed but than the weekend came. I think the hardest part about this diet is going to outings and there not being anything you can eat that is allowed. Sooooooooo, I cheated a bit. I had a little bit of cheese, french fries, a little bit of chips, little bit of rice, half a cookie, half a cup of forth. Sunday was the worst. For Mother's Day breakfast I decided to order french toast. I don't know what it was...maybe the sugar but my stomach was really hurting today after breakfast. I should have just gotten eggs, bacon, and fruit but yeah. After dealing with an upset stomach, which is what usually forces me to stop eating certain foods, I've decided that I am going to stay strict with the plan but allow myself some no nos when there is nothing available I can eat. I think my biggest accomplishment was the no alcohol part of the diet. I have tried and failed going off of beer and alcohol many of times but for some reason right now I just don't have the urge the drink. I had a half a cup of beer Saturday and today only because one was a home brew I wanted to try and the other I just wanted a taste of it because it was new to me. On the upside I have been doing really well with my water challenge and have been drink more than enough water for the past few weeks. I was going pretty strong with my hair growth vitamins but I have been skipping them a bit lately...meh.

This week I plan to get back to the gym. Last week I did not work out at all except for a 7 mile run/walk on Thursday. Due to withdrawals from my camp out weekend binge fest I was very fatigued and motivation for working out was very low. I have to say that Thursday was a good run for me. The type of energy I had felt a bit different from my normal energy level and I ran a bit more than normal. Today's run wasn't so great but I think its associated with the breakfast I had or at least  I think it is.

Anywhoo, I haven't planned my meals for the week yet but I will do it tomorrow and post what I'll be eating for the week. For the most part tomorrow I plan on making chicken curry with cauliflower for a rice substitute so I'm hoping it turns out well. I'm praying this week I hold true the diet plan...maybe week 2 won't be as hard as last week.

Happy Transitioning!!!



  1. No brown rice is allowed...I'm actually using cauliflower as a rice sub tonight with my dinner.