Monday, May 7, 2012

Hair Slips: My Hair Survived a Camp Out Weekend

So, my hair and I survived this weekends camp out with my running group. I was so worried because I haven't exposed my hair to any really harsh conditions until now that I did know how I was going to manage. I took a duffle bag of my hair stuff with me and paid very close attention to my hair the whole weekend. With having two textures of hair right now (relaxed and natural hair) I have to be very careful with my hair because I don't want it breaking to much. 

My hair regimen this weekend:

The first night I just put leave in conditioner in my hair after playing in the river most of the night. Saturday I did a co-wash at some point in the day and anytime I felt my hair was dry I put some leave-in conditioner in it. Sunday I did a wash with my Giovanni 50/50 shampoo, conditioned, added leave in-conditioner, and my shea butter. When I finally got home Sunday evening I washed again with my shampoo and then did a deep conditioner for about a hour followed up with some leave-in and shea butter. 

Along with all this I did keep my hair in a clip all weekend and tried to protect my ends as much as possible. The most my hair was dry dry was after riding on the jet ski on the river. I think all the wind took a big toll on my hair. My tip for anyone that will be attending a camp out or going to be swimming all weekend on a trip just remember to get your hair moisturized. Co-washing and using my Giovanni leave-in really helped out a lot. Protective styles are also helpful too. 

Happy Transitioning!


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