Monday, July 2, 2012

7 Months Post Relaxer!!!

I'm currently 7 months post relaxer and I'm really surprised I made it this far without wanting to slap a relaxer on my head. I think I've only considered it once this past week. I think the thing I love most is not having to do much with my hair. Before it took 2 to 3 hrs out of my Saturday to wash, dry, and flat iron my hair. Now its about a hour maybe depending on how long I decide to deep condition my hair. One of the major differences that I've notice with my hair is less breakage and shedding. When I clean my bath once a week there is hardly any hair on the floor at all which is a sign my hair is healthier now. I'm continuing to avoid heat on my hair. I've thought about it a couple of times to see how long my hair is now but I'm a little afraid to do it because I don't want to mess up my hair. I might just let a stylist do it whenever I decide to get my hair trimmed. Anyways...I thought I'll give a little update since I haven't posted in awhile about my hair.

Here are a few instagram photos of myself and my hair from the past few months:

High Bun at the beach

My faux puff from an old braid out

This was either a braid out or a twist out...can't really remember

Another faux puff with a second day braid out gone wrong 

Happy Transitioning!!!


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